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Simple AntiTheft App with IMEI location finder
Don't worry about losing your expensive mobile phone ?
AntiTheft Security Android app allow you to find the lost phone thru SMS lock, SMS wipe, SMS backup
There are 2 ways to protect your device:
- Remote control via SMS (text messages) from another phone
► Remote control
Send commands via SMS (text messages) from another device to your lost smartphone in order to enable any of the following features.
Features :
* Use secured commands with secret code
* Make the phone ring at maximum volume
* Get GPS position of the smartphone
* Display a personal message on the screen
* Take a picture using front camera
If your phone is misplaced, lost or stolen you can for instance make it ring remotely or retrieve GPS coordinates to locate it. In order to secure your personal data, you can lock your phone remotely to make it useless and continue to use all the features available. If you think you cannot get back your phone do a factory reset in order to delete all your data.
Detective mode :
* Sends details about new SIM card inserted and takes selfie
Charger mode :
Note: Anti theft Security does not claim it can avoid theft completely but with this app you have way more chances to get back your phone or avoid theft.
How to uninstall the app ?
Make sure to remove admin rights before uninstalling the app.
1) Go to the settings of the app and use "uninstallation" button (it will remove admin rights automatically).
2) Disable admin rights from your smartphone's settings (Security > Device Administrators : uncheck the app). Then uninstall the app as usual.
Device Administrator permission :
This app uses the Device Administrator permission
XDA Beta Tester Group:
Please note: We don't support changing IMEI number, Unlock IMEI, Lock IMEI, etc..
IMEI Tracker all mobile location - you can locate only your phone number ..
IMEI number tracker and location - help you to find your current location, not lost phone
IMEI Changer - We don't support the features
IMEI Number Tracker - Yes you tracker you current phone location
IMEI Calls to mobile, we can locate your phone IMEI Mobile locate & Mobile location with Mobile Number.
We make the mobilelocate to number location, you can track a phone location, mobile number location & Mobile number tracker.
Phone number locator, locate a mobile number, mobile location tracking, track location, number tracker, caller id location, location tracker, cell phone
Phone number tracker, phone number tracker, number search & phone location tracker
Sim Card Details name and address info not avaliable
Sim card location tracker - yes we display current location of the IMEI only your phone model number
Network location tracker - we don't support this features
AntiTheft App & IMEI Tracker All Mobile Location
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